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When your sensitive data, both physical and digital, becomes obsolete, it is important to destroy it completely and properly. Scheibye Trading provides data destruction services with IT recycling in accordance with the international security standards and a commitment to protecting the environment. 

How We Do Data Destruction

Every business needs to ensure that its data is secure throughout the lifecycle of its assets. When the time comes to dispose obsolete and faulty IT assets, it is important to securely and completely destroy the data on all devices. 

Scheibye Trading has two decades of experience in properly destroying electronic and digital data. We follow the industry leading standards in data destruction. Our process involves:



Our technicians extract hard drives and storage media to be destroyed. The removal process enables us to separate the recyclable components which are sent for further processing.

Data Erasure

The technicians permanently erase data from files, folders, HDDs, SSDs (computers and servers), external drives, logical units (SAN), virtual machines, and other storage and media units. Blancco can be used upon request.



The storage units are disintegrated (drilled) and completely destroyed,  which eliminates all possibilities of the storage units being stolen, lost or getting in the wrong hands. This process reduces units to small parts, making them unrecognizable and unusable.


All the recyclable materials are handled in an environmentally friendly manner by following a zero landfill policy. Learn about our 2-step process here

Why Scheibye Trading?

Scheibye Trading is the electronics and IT recycling company in the UAE and Middle East. Our experience of more than 15 years in the Middle East market positions us perfectly to meet the recycling requirements of all types of business – from small companies to multinational organisations.

We f​ollow industry-best standards in data destruction. This ensures that our clients are able to safely and securely dispose their obsolete and faulty IT assets without having to worry about their data getting stolen or worse, ending up in the wrong hands.

With Scheibye Trading, you can sell your used IT equipment and electronics conveniently. This way, you do a huge favour to the environment while making revenue at the same time.

If you want to learn more about data destruction, then

please contact us and we will get back to you.

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